Making life better for Albertans.


Fall 2016 - Bill 35: Fair Elections Financing Act

Making sure people, not money, decide elections.


UCP walked out of debate on bubble zone legislation, but elect to debate anti-abortion…

Posted on May 02, 2018
­­For immediate releaseMay 2, 2018 EDMONTON- Edmonton Glenora MLA Sarah Hoffman called on UCP…


After marching out of the Bill 9 debate, will the UCP join the March for Life?

Posted on May 10, 2018
For immediate releaseMarch 10 2018 EDMONTON – Today the March for Life will kick off at the Alberta…


Spring 2017 - Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees

Making life more affordable for Alberta families.


Spring 2017 - Bill 8: An Act to Strengthen Municipal Government

Modernizing the way municipalities work together and with their neighbours.


Jason Kenney doesn’t know where he stands on Kinder Morgan

Posted on May 17, 2018
For immediate releaseMay 17, 2018 EDMONTON – Jason Kenney needs to stop changing positions on…

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RT @RachelNotley: Nicole is passionate and hard-working. She has proven she’s willing to take action and get things done. I’m very happy to…

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RT @NDPStephanie: During Sexual Violence Awareness Month, @KathleenGanley & I launched a guide for police so sexual assault “survivors feel…

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RT @EMB428: I think our kids are better served at this time by having schools to attend and teachers to teach them. By being in safe qualit…

@MarieFrRenaud - 1h ago

I recall Doug showing up at a #StAlbert pride event when he was running to be PC leader. How do you reconcile your supportive comments then with your UCP affiliation now? Tell Albertans how much your boss really wants to repeal. #ableg…